New content instant updates

There is a new option in the Search widget that will change the way in which Search presents the results. If you check the ‘Live’ box, all the new findings will appear in the list of the search results at the very moment it gets into WLIP. This way you will see all the users’ content real-time as it will be being put online.

Topic correlations

We worked a lot on the cloud graphs lately and implemented some new features. First that you will notice is that we improved the appearance, the new look is more attractive but more importantly better arranged and easier to orientate in. As of now you can also use logical operators when filling in the search term.

New metrics for social media

From now on, you will be able to track the popularity of each and every Facebook memo and Tweet. WLIP now monitors #of likes and shares for social media content that helps you improve your social media strategy and make it even more effective.