Today millions of people connect to social networks around the world each second. These people communicate with each other intensively and they share their thoughts and experiences. And among them are certainly also hundreds and thousands of comments related to your field, to the products or services that you and your competition also offer. There is a large probability that your brand is also mentioned. Awareness of your company, image and reputation and whether somebody buys your product or service is no longer just the work of your managed communication. But the fact is that today you can to a considerable degree already directly influence on the Internet how people view your company. Would you like to be a part of it? That is why WLIP -- the tool that can do it -- was created! You should take advantage of such an opportunity. WLIP (Web Listening Platform) can:

search for and display conversations of your existing as well as potential customers

discover, what customers value about your products and services, what turns them off on the other hand and what they would like to change

reveal what they think about you as well as about your competition

evaluate your current campaign, and it is able to determine whether it is linked properly to your brand

notice the customers‘ changing needs

discover opinion leaders and influencers, with whom it is then necessary to work further

determine, how the positive or negative mood of the discussions and comments develops in time

Wlip - key parameters

1. WLIP continuously combs through all important Czech domains as well as global social networks: articles and their discussions, blogs, discussion forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linked In and others. It also monitors domains that are specific to your sector.
2. Every day WLIP classifies hundreds of thousands of new search results. But the number of found results does not impact the project price. You can use an unlimited number of keywords.
3. WLIP maintains an up to 3 to 6 month history of data, which makes it possible for you to return in order to perform additional searches or more detailed analyses at any time.
4. We offer an interactive Dashboard, its initial configuration can be customized exactly based on each client’s needs. Various users in your company can thus monitor various topics and various indicators.
5. With one click you can access the overview of the volume of communication about you, about the competition, about how the communication is developing by days, how big a share within your sector you are getting, where discussions about you are taking place or where discussions about the sector as such are taking place. You will easily discover, which topics are on the rise and which are declining and how they are related to each other. You will see , who is talking about you including the option of viewing , whether what is being written is to your benefit or is actually causing you damage.
6. Sector benchmarks for determining a realistic picture of your company on the web within your sector.
7. Supports all languages in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

Wlip - key functionality

1. Support of all Central and Eastern European languages 8. Personalization of dashboards for various users within one organization
2. Monitoring in real time. 9. Sentiment coding
3. Completely unlimited number of keywords 10. Fulltext searching in our own online data archive
4. Administration of keywords and monitored topics via an intuitive online interface 11. Export of data into xls/csv
5. Unlimited quantity of stored search results 12. PR alert system for notifications of newly published problematic content on the web
6. Up to six months of data history with possibility to expand further 13. PR manager for administering contributions from users about your company anywhere on the web
7. Online dashboards for continuous displaying of search results 14. Benchmarks for key sectors

Other useful information