Monitoring social networks is very useful. Even the best report or statistic is of no great use without a thorough understanding of the insights and interpretation of reasons.

That is why we developed very useful analytical products that are able to process hundreds of thousands of pieces of information from any monitoring tool that you use. We offer the following:

Campaign monitoring in the Czech Republic
Campaign monitoring in Hungary
Campaign monitoring in Romania

Recommendations for use

  • Makes it possible to evaluate the campaign within the whole region using the same metrics

What you get

  • Evaluation of the international campaign’s success before it is launched, while it is active and after it ends
    1. Campaign awareness
    2. Campaign recognition and link to the brand
    3. Evaluation of the campaign vis-Ă -vis the target groups
    4. Brand perception influence
  • You will easily receive data for the campaign evaluation, even if you forget to tell us before the campaign is launched