Monitoring social networks is very useful. Even the best report or statistic is of no great use without a thorough understanding of the insights and interpretation of reasons.

That is why we developed very useful analytical products that are able to process hundreds of thousands of pieces of information from any monitoring tool that you use. We offer the following:

What people are saying about a given topic

How important platforms are

Who are the key competitors on the Internet

Who the most influential users are

Recommendations for use

  • Useful as an input analysis when monitoring is launched
  • We need to understand how people perceive the online category, where people are talking about us and who the main players are

What you get

  • Overview of , how much discussion there is about your company and segment
  • Which discussion places are key to cover
  • Which areas we should focus on
  • Which competition we should monitor
  • Identification of the most influential authors